Cruise Line Liability

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Generally, when you are injured aboard a cruise ship, there are some pitfalls that the injured passenger should know about. When you purchase a cruise line ticket, you have to read the fine print. Lawyers call it a contract of carriage and that contract often provides a very limited time period within which you can sue for your injuries, and also names the jurisdiction where the action must be brought, ususally where the cruise company has its corporate offices (not the country where the ship is registered). The ticket also requires a specific notice provision to the cruise line of the claim which is often only 90 days from the date of the accident. These limitations are valid and are much shorter than the ordinary statutes that govern accidents in the State of Florida which is four years. NOT so for Cruise lines. So speak to us soon after you return from a trip where you have been injured.

There are many ways in which passengers can be injured on cruise ships, including slips and falls, flying objects from an upper deck, bad food or even assault or rape by a crew member.

We specialize in recovering for passengers who have suffered an injury through the negligence of a cruise line, including medical malpractice against ships doctors who are often not U.S. trained. Even though most of these physicians are highly competent, they can be guilty of medical negligence, for which the cruise line can be liable.

If you are injured on a cruise ship, let us help you, but do not think that this happens on all cruises. Most of the time you will have an enjoyable trip. But you should be aware of what you need to do in case the worst happens. Call (305)-371-7111 now!